Freeze Frame

Have you ever watched a movie when everything stops and the frame freezes? A narrator interrupts the action and provides a backstory on one of the characters to help us understand what he’s doing and what happened that brought him to that point in the story. Suddenly his actions become a lot clearer.

If you could freeze time right now and rewind your life, how far back would you have to go to account for where you are today? The answer is really the same for all of us: the moment of conception. Two of the three major influences in our lives are imprinted upon us right then: our parents/family; and our race/culture.

The third is a lot more complex and happens over time. It’s life–what’s thrown at us by the world around us and our own choices, good and bad. Each of us is a layered and complex human being, seen only in a snapshot moment by anyone observing us for the first time.

I wouldn’t want to be judged by just a snapshot moment, would you? Some of those moments I’d like to delete as easily as pressing the trash can symbol on my phone. And I wouldn’t want to be lumped into any group, identified and judged only by my occupation, address, race, or any other blanket criteria. I don’t think anyone wants to be seen through that broad a lens. That’s prejudice. And it’s simply not fair–or accurate for that matter.

No. Only a duly elected judge and jury selected without prejudice has the right to sit in judgment upon another human being. And in the final analysis, the one that matters most, only God will sit in judgment. Will He be harsh or lenient as He reviews our case? I can’t say. I only know He will be just.


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