Ashes to Ashes – And Beyond

Being raised a Christian, I’ve never doubted the existence of a divine creator behind the vastness of the universe, the complexity of the human body, or the majesty and order of our planet. Nor have I doubted the reality of life after death. Oh, not a re-incarnated life with all the pain and frailty we’ve already endured, but a life of perfect health, beauty and pure joy.

Honestly, I don’t know how those who believe otherwise can deal with the concept of death. Especially if their life has fallen short of what they had envisioned it would be. As they see the end approaching much too quickly, what thoughts and feelings would they have? I wonder. And how do they explain the permanence of death to their children? When a loved one dies, what words of comfort could they offer?

What’s my point, you may be asking? I guess it boils down to my belief that life is a transition into death. And death is a transition into life. From the supernatural (soul + body = conception); to the natural (life on earth); to the supernatural (glorified life after death).

Seen that way, life can be considered a preparation. Not for death, but for what comes after. A spiritual evolution, if you will. To quote a line from a very old TV show, “The secret of all success is preparation.” Laying the groundwork, then putting forth the effort–whatever it takes.

So how exactly do I do that? First, I think I need to look beyond the material, the superficial, to what really matters. Cultivating loving, healthy relationships; nourishing my mind and spirit as well as my body; forgiving myself and people who have hurt me. That’s just for starters. I’m sure you could come up with many more ways to prepare for the transition we all began the moment we came into this world.

What happens after that final transition? What lies beyond death? Of course none of us knows for sure. But I believe it will be glorious. Paradise–just like Jesus promised. I don’t know about you, but I’ll be dying to find out!



One thought on “Ashes to Ashes – And Beyond

  1. Beautifully written, comforting words. Thank you for sharing. This brings me peace and hope, which the world needs more of right now.


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