Bumping into Strangers

Just for a moment, let’s divide people into three categories: 1. Friends/loved ones; 2. Colleagues/bosses; 3. Strangers. Okay. From which category do people annoy you the most? I’d love to take an actual survey on this, so please, feel free (read encouraged) to respond.

For me the answer can vary on any given day, but mostly I’d have to answer  category 3, strangers. And usually they are steering something. Like a car or shopping cart. I’m getting better though. I don’t bump into strangers anymore. Those are the shopping cart offenders, of course. Or wish flat tires on drivers who cut me off. But yes, I’m still annoyed when simple courtesies are violated.

Our Lord told Peter, never known for his patience, to forgive 70 x 7. That’s quite a challenge, but I’ve done it often. Unfortunately it’s the same sin. And the same sinner. Forgiving is easy for me, you see. It’s the forgetting part I get hung up on. So I’m working on that right now. Really letting go of past frustrations, grudges, feelings of being hurt, dismissed, or not heard.

It’s not easy, but holding on to anger eats away at the soul. Letting go can give great peace. And while we’re at it, let’s not forget to forgive ourselves. People who don’t like themselves, rarely find much to like about others. Look for the best in both. God always does.



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