The Garden of Good and Evil

Is there a person on the planet who hasn’t wondered why bad things happen to good people? Or why good things happen to bad people? I know I have. The bad news is there’s no good answer to that question. The good news is–we don’t need to come up with one.

The truth is, the best we can do, is do our best. Love ourselves, love our neighbor (friend or foe), and love God. Then act like it. When bad things come our way, we can find support from family, friends, and faith to help us get through them. And then look for what good might come from it. What good fruit might we reap from a rotten situation? Maybe not right away, during the pain, but down the line a bit.

I challenged myself to examine my past and identify one good thing that resulted from something evil, painful, or when I’d felt wronged. I came up with more instances than I thought I would.

Good can come out of evil. As long as the human race inhabits the earth, the devil will always have his say in the matter. But he will never have the last word.


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