The Kaleidoscope

Growing up, I remember being fascinated by kaleidoscopes. I still am. Often on vacation I come across some very unique  and exquisite ones. Far more complex and ornate than the cardboard version I twisted this way and that as a child. It always amazes me how one slight adjustment totally transforms what I see.

There is a proverb: “The eyes are the windows to the soul.” The meaning, of course, is that if you look into a person’s eyes, you can see the truth of what they’re feeling, e.g., compassion, pain, deception, etc. Whether or not this is true, windows work two ways. You can look in, but you can look out as well.

So taking that old adage one step further, the condition of our soul colors the way we view the world and people around us. I don’t think anyone would disagree that everyone’s soul needs a little tweaking. So, I’m challenging myself this month to take a deep look inside my own window. What do I see that could use a little adjustment? If I had a magic wand, what wave of the hand, what turn of the kaleidoscope would I make?

Is there some pain I can’t shake; some resentment I’m still clinging to; some scar that won’t heal; some anger buried, but burning? Even if nothing comes to mind, God knows what it is, and He’ll tell me. I just have to listen. And then do the work–whatever it is. It’ll take daily attention. And practice. And prayer. But in the end, when I view the world through my own personal kaleidoscope, I’m confident I’ll be amazed at the difference in what I see.


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